Chronology of HASD development

Chronology of HASD development


Research Program “Science against Aging” was led by the M.A. Batin "Science for life extension" foundation. As a part of the program, the research department, headed by D.A. Medvedev, created branch review of the anti-aging. First brief aging diagram was developed as a part of the review. Medvedev is currently the director of the HASD project. This holistic, yet imprecise diagram described modern concepts of aging. Perhabs, this was the first causal aging diagram in the world.


At the beginning of 2009, Batin offered to to create extended version of the diagram to the Russian geneticist, Dr. A.A. Moskalev. Scientist described primarily the genetics of aging in this version. This diagram was published in the second version of "Science against Aging" booklet. It also was presented on the broadsheet during the international conference "Conceptual model of human aging". Afterwards, our group started elaborate intesive work to develop and refine Aging Diagram. As of spring 2009, additional participators were involved, including A.V. Krementsova (Secretary of the Moscow branch of the Gerontological Society of RAS, Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics RAS) and B.A. Kaurov (Roszdrav Russian Gerontological Research and Clinical Center). 18 edition of the Diagram was made as for May 15, 2009. HASD was presented at the International gerontological congress in Paris in summer 2009.


New phase of work started in January. We has been developing Diagram extensively, it also was analyzed. In particular, 15 main high-level stages of aging were allocated, each of one descripted and explaned in detail in the main version of HASD. Later this diagram was significantly changed.

One of our achievments during this time was arrangement of the starting points for each process along the timescale (from the youth to the deep old age). Summer of 2010 was very productive, at this time our project was funded by the "Rostock Group". By the end of 2010 we participated in the fifth conference, where we introduced new versions of the Diagram and explained our methodology. The first visualisation of HASD was also created in this time. It was represented by the tree, its roots buried underground and symbolised the death, immerse into oblivion. We sincerely thank the "Shifrina-Studio" for the artistic rendering of the HASD.


Later, at the beginning of 2011, we abandoned this artistic, but not sufficiently descriptive visualisation. We decided to visually distinguish links between processes, not the processes themselves, in the new version. This visualisation was first introduced by A.V. Krementsova at the "Complex systems management" conference at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.


During the last year, content of the Diagram was extended and scientific methodology was elaborated. This modifications are promptly displayed on the site.